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Department of GI Surgery

The department offers wide variety of surgical procedures for all the diseases related to gastrointestinal, liver and pancreas. The department consists of highly qualified and experienced staff members. The department is equipped with state of the art equipment to compliment the experienced staff to offer high class service to our patients.

Faculty Members

Chief of Surgical Gastroenterology & Minimally Invasive Surgery
Area of Interest :
Gastrointestinal, Minimally invasive, Hepato biliary and pancreatic surgery,
GI Oncology, Therapeutic Endoscopy

Dr. R. Pradeep MS, MCH
Gastrointestinal, Colorectal and GI Oncology
Area of Interest :
Gastrointestinal / Colorectal / GI Oncology

Dr. Upender Rao MS
Gastrointestinal and General Surgery
Area of Interest :
Gastrointestinal and General Surgery

Dr. Rohit Dama FAIS., DNB (Gen.Surg.), DNB (GI.Surg.)
Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist

Dr. Mahesh G Shetty MS, DNB (GI.Surg.)
Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist

Dr. Sanjeev M Patil MS, DNB (GI.Surg.)
Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist

Dr. Abhishek Katakwar MS, DMAS, FMBS
Consultant Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon

Dr. V Suresh Kumar Reddy MS
Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Monil Ramanbhai Patel MS
Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Niravkumar D Vakani MS
Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Veeramreddy Sunil Kumar Reddy MS
Consultant Surgeon

Dr. C Raghuram MS
Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Bang Yogesh Ashok Kumar MS
Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Modak Shreeyash Shirish MS
Consultant Surgeon

Dr. N Karunakar MS
Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Aviral Jain MS
Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Suresh Babu MS
Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Arif Raza Ahmed MS
Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Mathurvaishya Siddhavant Vijay MS
Consultant Surgeon

Minimally invasive surgeries (Laparoscopic surgery) :

Gall bladder stones, Pancreas, Bile duct, pancreas, small and large bowel diseases can be treated through key hole surgery.

Few of the various surgical procedures offered include:
Esophageal cancer
Corrosive injuries
Esophageal fistula
Reflux esophagitis
Achalasia cardia etc

Gastric cancer
Ulcer disease
Small intestine
Various tumors
Crhons disease
Obstruction of intestine
Meckels diverticulum
Large intestine
Ulcerative colitis
Colonic cancer
Polyposis coli
Rectum and Anus
Cancer rectum
Pouch procedures for ulcerative colitis and Polyposis coli
Sphincter saving surgeries of rectum
Anal fistulae
Anal incontinence
Fissure in ano
Liver and Biliary tract
Liver tumors
Gall bladder and bile duct stones
Acute and chronic cholecystitis
Tumors of biliary tract
Surgical jaundice
Portal hypertension surgery (Shunt and Devascularization procedures)
Pancreatic cancers
Chronic pancreatitis
Pancreatic fistula
Acute pancreatitis
Necrotizing pancreatitis
Abdominal wall hernias
Incisional hernias

Any queries about the procedures or about the surgical procedures not mentioned in the above list can be clarified by contacting Surgical Department Phone No: +91-40-23378888 Ext 108

Services Available :

The Operation Theater and Surgical Intensive Care is equipped with state of art facilities like laminar air flow with bacterial filters and various monitoring devices.

Equipments Available :

High resolution laparoscopic equipment
State of art Electrocautery devices
Radiofrequency ablative equipment
Intraoperative x-ray (C-arm)
Intraoperative ultrasound
Harmonic scalpel
Argon plasma coagulation equipment
Tissue link
Intraoperative endoscopy
Various stapling devices

Surgical Intensive care :

All patients in this area are nursed with barrier nursing, to avoid infection. The patient can keep in touch with their relatives through closed circuit video conferencing. Each patient has an exclusive nurse. The patient will be continuously monitored by various non invasive and invasive monitoring devices. State of art ventilators are available to take care of the needy patients. The ICU is manned 24 hrs by intensivist, anesthetist, medical officer and surgical registrar. Physiotherapy support is available 24 hours.