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There are various services available to make you and your family comfortable during your stay in the hospital. If any help is required other than that mentioned here, you may contact Hospital Administration.

Our aim during your stay is "Early recovery from the ailment, safely and comfortably" - Major T Swamy


There is a canteen available in the basement, where breakfast, lunch, dinner is available. The dietary department supervises the canteen to provide balanced and hygienic diet. The food in the hospital canteen is reasonably priced.

There is another coffee and snack shop in the cellar opposite the canteen.
There is another decent hotel across the road "I K London" where food is available. The food can be ordered to be delivered in the room if required.

In addition to these there are many restaurants around the hospital, where you can have food of different types. Any guidance regarding this may be obtained from our hospital staff.


There is in house cable television net work where you can watch news, music, sports and movies round the clock. Various magazines and news papers are available just outside the hospital.


There is phone available in each room (depends on the type of accommodation). One can get connected through the hospital exchange by dialling '9'. The bill towards usage of phone will be charged in the inpatient billing.

In addition there is public telephone booth in the cellar.
Wi fi internet service is available for certain areas, depending on the accommodation.


Apart from routine nursing care, if any special nursing care is required, depending on the patients requirement and availability it may be arranged.

Regarding this you may contact the ward sister / ward coordinator / doctor.
The charges towards special nursing will be charged additionally in the inpatient bill.


There are many modes of transport available just outside the hospital. The usual modes available are Call cabs, Auto, City bus.

If any patient requires Ambulance with all facilities for transport, it may be provided subject to availability and will be charged accordingly.


Usually only one attendant is allowed with the patient to stay in the hospital. The rest of the family members should stay outside on their own.

There are many hotels and accommodation facilities available around the hospital. Any help regarding this can be obtained from our staff.